Technology is not Terrifying!

by jscott
6. June 2011 19:18

Let’s face it…technology is the future of any business. 

Gone are the days where people can run a successful business without utilizing some level of technology.  To some, the “T” word is a terrifying word.  But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be.  Yes, it’s true that some technology is user friendly.

If you own a business with a fleet of service vehicles, the success of your business depends on the efficiency of that fleet.  You are intimidated by technology, but you can’t avoid it any more.  The time has come to track your fleet with a GPS tracking device.  You need a device that is precise and powerful yet user-friendly.  DashTrac can track your fleet with ease. Yes…EASE!

Within 5 minutes, your DashTrac can be installed and tracking. Reporting intervals provide speed, time, event status, direction and much more.  It plugs quickly into a vehicle's OBDII port (under the driver’s side dashboard). Once activated, you’re tracking within minutes. No professional installation charges. No hassles.  To access your fleet’s information, just log onto any home computer.  It really is that simple!

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