Summertime stress for Mom and Dad

by jscott
25. May 2011 00:59

Summer vacation is almost here and teenagers can hardly wait!  For most kids the pressure of school will be lifted (for the time being) so they’re ready to dive into freedom.  Stress-free living for teens perhaps, but not for mom and dad. 
When school is in session parents can relax (at least for a bit), but when summer vacation starts, a whole new kind of stress sets in.  Most parents do not have the same luxury of a 2-3 month vacation, so how can they keep tabs on their teenagers during those (cringe) unsupervised summer days? 
The truth is that we cannot monitor our child’s every move, but with the help of today’s technology we can at least monitor their driving habits.  GPS tracking devices are providing much needed peace of mind for parents when it comes to keeping tabs on their teenage drivers. 
Dashtrac is a discreet GPS tracking device that is very easy to install. Supported by a user-friendly web interface, it allows you to track your vehicles in real time. It plugs quickly into a vehicle's OBDII port (under the driver’s side dashboard). Once activated, you’re tracking within minutes. No professional installation charges. No hassles.
DashTrac monitors true speed, location, history of travel - and also has geofence capabilities.  Geofencing is the ability to create an invisible ‘fence” around a landmark. If there is a specific zone that you want a vehicle to stay in for certain times every day (stay in school) or zones you want it to stay out of (stay away from a certain friend’s house) – this feature makes it possible. Violations can be set up to trigger an alert to be sent to you when the “zone” is breached.
Think of DashTrac as a bit of peace of mind that just so happens to come in a box.  Let’s face it, as parents we need all the help we can get!

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