Lead Foot Drivers Kill Gas Mileage

by jscott
22. March 2011 20:02

Anyone with service vehicles in the field every day probably has that nagging feeling in their gut as soon as tires hit pavement.  It’s a lot like that feeling you get when your teenager gets behind the wheel.  Yes, you may trust your drivers and hopefully have good insurance (just in case). 
But how do you really know your drivers are safe? 
DashTrac can help!  DashTrac is a small discreet tracking device that simply plugs into the vehicle's OBDII port. (Under the driver’s side dashboard). Once activated, you’re tracking within minutes.  Start with simply tracking your vehicle and expand to maintenance alerts, speed and geofence alerts and much more. 
Aside from simply knowing where vehicles are at any given time, DashTrac aids in monitoring safe driving habits.  Excessive speed causes undue wear & tear, puts all drivers at risk, and literally kills your gas mileage.  Who can afford that at today’s prices?
Fact is; a monitored driver is a safer driver. Lower your exposure to speeding violations and use documented driving behavior as a coaching tool. DashTrac shows:
• True Speeds
• Hard Stops
• Jackrabbit Starts
• Heartbeat (When ignition is off, DashTrac will report daily with a heartbeat from the device to inform users of its operational status and location.)
  And that’s not all!  DashTrac also provides customized reports, alerts, maintenance updates, history reports (breadcrumb trail).   DashTrac. A small, yet powerful tool yet powerful that both identifies drivers who may have a lead foot but does so much more! 

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