How much does it cost your company to deploy a vehicle?

by Jill
1. November 2010 20:49

With the price of fuel as unpredictable as Aunt Martha’s mood swings, and economic concerns still in the news, technology is quickly becoming embraced by every industry, especially when it means that things done quicker, easier and cheaper.  Businesses that rely heavily on off-site employees have realized that GPS technology is a powerful tool when it comes to overall business management.

While GPS has been around for a long time, it has just recently become an enterprise necessity. Quickly adopted by large fleets, GPS technology is now used across the board to manage any-sized business with multiple vehicles on the road – whether it’s four trucks or four hundred vans. 

Imagine how much easier life is when you can oversee multiple employees on multiple jobs just by checking your computer screen?  When vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices, dispatch becomes as easy as point and click.  The additional benefits are astounding. Monitored drivers are safer drivers, and the astronomical costs associated with waste decrease considerably when checks and balances are instituted.

By deploying GPS tracking on service vehicles, companies are able to turn them into rolling “profit centers.”  In addition to decreasing expenses incurred in fuel and labor, field service businesses also benefit from a reduction in wear and tear, which leads to further bottom line improvement. Additionally, dispatchers can immediately identify and alert the closest vehicle to respond to an emergency service request. This, in turn, has led to faster response times and an increase in customer satisfaction.

The return on investment is almost immediate; and when you consider that a reliable GPS tracking system costs just pennies a day, it’s a no-brainer.

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