The eye in the sky.

by jscott
7. September 2011 01:32

What is DashTrac? 

Think of it as an “eye in the sky.”   DashTrac is a discreet GPS tracking device that’s very easy to install.

It is supported by a user-friendly web interface, allowing you to track and monitor vehicles in real-time.  Once you’re logged in, you can view:
• History - Shows a breadcrumb trail of your vehicle’s history.
• Reports - Trip Data (Mileage, business or personal), Maintenance History/Reports, Alerts History (Speed, Geofence and Landmark Violations).
• Maintenance Schedule - DashTrac is an easy-to-use tool for managing common vehicle maintenance requirements (oil and tire changes) and will remind you to attend to these important responsibilities.
• Dashboard Gages include: Mileage, Speed, Date/Time, Odometer and Direction of Travel
• Management includes: Account Profile, with the ability to manage Landmarks and Geofence Alerts.  (Think of this as an invisible fence you can set up around a specific area.)

How do you use DashTrac?  It couldn’t be easier.  Just plug and play.

It plugs quickly into a vehicle's OBDII port, located under the driver’s side dashboard. Once activated, you’re tracking within minutes.  No professional installation charges.  Just four easy steps:
1. Obtain the DashTrac Device
Obtain the device, and then follow the following steps.

2. Find your OBDII Port
Plug the device in the OBDII port located under the steering column.

3. Start your Engine
Once the device is plugged in, start the vehicle and wait a couple minutes.

4. Go Online
Login to the application from our homepage.

Who needs DashTrac?

Everyone!  Well, everyone who has the need to track a vehicle.Businesses with a fleet of vehicles on the road, parents of teenaged drivers,curious spouses,children of elderly parents and anyone else who has the need to know where a vehicle is at any given time. Yep, pretty much everyone.

How much will it cost?

For as little as 60¢ a day, DashTrac is an affordable investment for anyone that needs to know where their vehicles or loved ones are at all times.   DashTrac offers a pay-as-you-go plan where you will prepay for every month you wish to have the service, or you can enter into a contract that offers deep discounts. The longer the contract - the larger the discount.

For more information check us out at! Do you need other GPS tracking options for business? Visit


Move over Big Brother…here comes Big Mama and Big Papa

by jscott
14. July 2011 00:42


At some point it is inevitable that parents will struggle with the dilemma of how much free reign to give their teenagers. Today’s challenges are unlike any before. With the internet, texting and various forms of social media, the odds of teens landing in compromising situations are pretty good. It isn’t possible to hold their hand and guide them in every situation. Many parents feel they need some extra help keeping tabs on their kids, so they’re turning to technical gadgets to help them read text messages, monitor internet activity and even track driving behaviors.

Scenario: Sally tells Mom and Dad she is going to Jane’s house to study. But she’s really driving 10+ miles past Jane’s house to her boyfriend’s house (whose parents happen to be out of town). Sounds very familiar to many of us, right? Heck – WE DID IT!! 

In the past, there was really nothing parents could do but hope for the truth. Today, many parents who choose to monitor their teen’s driving behavior, choose DashTrac. 

DashTrac is a discreet GPS tracking device for vehicles. It easily plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II port (located under steering wheel) and monitors true speed, hard stops, GPS location (with bread crumb trails) and has geofence capabilities (think of drawing an invisible fence around an area you want your teen to stay out of) which trigger alerts. It even has a maintenance alert feature to manage common periodic vehicle maintenance requirements. 

Basically, DashTrac offers parents peace of mind when their teenage drivers hit the road.



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Know Someone Who is Navigationally Handicapped?

by jscott
6. April 2011 00:31

My co-worker's wife just called him at work because she got lost and couldn't figure out how to get home from downtown Tampa. Let me repeat myself: HE WAS AT WORK.
Our company's CEO had a similar situation with his daughter. Their neighborhood was under construction and her usual route to school was blocked. She had to detour around the obstacle, and their neighborhood is a maze.  She didn’t want to be late for school, but couldn’t get her bearings.
My child called with a flat tire on the highway, and had no idea where he was.  He knew the highway, but wasn’t sure what mile marker he was near.
All three were helped using DashTrac.
In less than two minutes – any DashTrac user can log into their account, quickly determine a vehicle’s exact location, the speed it is traveling and the direction they're moving in. It’s so easy just to talk them through their dilemma in a safe, calm and dependable way.
How cool is that?

New! Landmarks and Geofencing

by Dustin
14. October 2010 23:44


Landmarks and Geofences are a thing of beauty. It’s simple. A landmark is a specific geographic spot you choose on the map.  DashTrac lets you draw a circle around that point. So, say you want to “Landmark” your son’s girlfriend’s house. You will receive an alert when his vehicle enters that circle. A Geofence?  It’s the actual circle. There are multiple ways to use these features.

KEEP IN: Set up the landmark/geofence combination to alert you during specific hours if the vehicle leaves the determined perimeter. Geofence your child’s school, spouses’ place of employment, your company during work hours, etc.  Think your employees are sneaking off during business hours?  Now you have proof.

KEEP OUT: Set the Geofence so that it will send an alert if Johnny visits Mary’s house on a school night. If you are suspicious of someone’s behavior and want to be alerted if they come within a certain perimeter of a specific address – DashTrac will let you know.


Here’s the best. If your child has a curfew – you can receive an alert if their car comes home late! We know this works because our corporate president’s son made a boo-boo last week. He was “watching over” his twin sisters while the parents were out. Seems he came home two hours late. BUSTED. This child knows the device is in his car! Go figure.

Unique to DashTrac, Landmarks and Geofences – with alerts - are useful in any scenario. All of the information is validated with GPS accuracy using a small GPS tracking device that fits easily into your vehicle's OBD port. Find out more by visiting our homepage.

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DashTac makes life easier!

by Courtney
5. August 2010 19:26

Anyone who owns and runs a business out of their home knows that it is not all fun and games.  Oh, and add two small children under the age of 5yrs and it's a whole new ball game.  Helping to run a business and a household leads me to find ways to make life easier.   For us it's keeping the chaos down to a minimum or trying to anyway.  Since my husband and I own a pool maintenance company with now over 200 accounts, it is imperative that each and every pool is in tip-top shape. 

We are VERY lucky to have two great service technicians who do a great job, but we still have to monitor accounts.  So how can we stay sane and make sure all the accounts are being serviced correctly and on the right days?  If we could only track the guys while they were in the field.  Knowing where they are and how far into the route they are would be so helpful.  That is when we found a lifesaver in a product called DashTrac.  All we did was plug it into the truck under the steering wheel and BANG we are off to the races.  We quickly found that it does so much more that track the trucks.  We can tell how long the guys spend at each house, exactly where they are on the map, bread crumb trails of where they have been and even tells us when maintenance on the truck is due!  Now if I could just figure out a way to have it help me clean the house Smile

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