The eye in the sky.

by jscott
7. September 2011 01:32

What is DashTrac? 

Think of it as an “eye in the sky.”   DashTrac is a discreet GPS tracking device that’s very easy to install.

It is supported by a user-friendly web interface, allowing you to track and monitor vehicles in real-time.  Once you’re logged in, you can view:
• History - Shows a breadcrumb trail of your vehicle’s history.
• Reports - Trip Data (Mileage, business or personal), Maintenance History/Reports, Alerts History (Speed, Geofence and Landmark Violations).
• Maintenance Schedule - DashTrac is an easy-to-use tool for managing common vehicle maintenance requirements (oil and tire changes) and will remind you to attend to these important responsibilities.
• Dashboard Gages include: Mileage, Speed, Date/Time, Odometer and Direction of Travel
• Management includes: Account Profile, with the ability to manage Landmarks and Geofence Alerts.  (Think of this as an invisible fence you can set up around a specific area.)

How do you use DashTrac?  It couldn’t be easier.  Just plug and play.

It plugs quickly into a vehicle's OBDII port, located under the driver’s side dashboard. Once activated, you’re tracking within minutes.  No professional installation charges.  Just four easy steps:
1. Obtain the DashTrac Device
Obtain the device, and then follow the following steps.

2. Find your OBDII Port
Plug the device in the OBDII port located under the steering column.

3. Start your Engine
Once the device is plugged in, start the vehicle and wait a couple minutes.

4. Go Online
Login to the application from our homepage.

Who needs DashTrac?

Everyone!  Well, everyone who has the need to track a vehicle.Businesses with a fleet of vehicles on the road, parents of teenaged drivers,curious spouses,children of elderly parents and anyone else who has the need to know where a vehicle is at any given time. Yep, pretty much everyone.

How much will it cost?

For as little as 60¢ a day, DashTrac is an affordable investment for anyone that needs to know where their vehicles or loved ones are at all times.   DashTrac offers a pay-as-you-go plan where you will prepay for every month you wish to have the service, or you can enter into a contract that offers deep discounts. The longer the contract - the larger the discount.

For more information check us out at! Do you need other GPS tracking options for business? Visit


Know Someone Who is Navigationally Handicapped?

by jscott
6. April 2011 00:31

My co-worker's wife just called him at work because she got lost and couldn't figure out how to get home from downtown Tampa. Let me repeat myself: HE WAS AT WORK.
Our company's CEO had a similar situation with his daughter. Their neighborhood was under construction and her usual route to school was blocked. She had to detour around the obstacle, and their neighborhood is a maze.  She didn’t want to be late for school, but couldn’t get her bearings.
My child called with a flat tire on the highway, and had no idea where he was.  He knew the highway, but wasn’t sure what mile marker he was near.
All three were helped using DashTrac.
In less than two minutes – any DashTrac user can log into their account, quickly determine a vehicle’s exact location, the speed it is traveling and the direction they're moving in. It’s so easy just to talk them through their dilemma in a safe, calm and dependable way.
How cool is that?

GPS tracking for elderly drivers? ummmmmm?

by Courtney
7. October 2010 05:38

I just want to preface that I have the upmost respect for my elders.  However, I do not think that every elderly person should be driving.  We are all aware of the frustration that some "white head" drivers can cause on the road. Erratic stops, speed changes, need I mention weaving in and out of the lanes?  Today I was driving down my street  just about 50 yrds or so away from my driveway when I noticed my 90yr old neighbor's car at a complete stop in the middle of the road.  As I pulled up behind her and waited what seemed like an eternity, I realized she had over shot her own driveway and was trying to figure out how to reverse back enough into her own driveway.  I finally drove around her car and waited in my car to make sure she had everything under control.  As I watched I could see her tiny frame snap back into reality and remember how to get back to her into her driveway.  As the evening went on, I continued to think about how dangerous it is to have this woman on the road.  I truly have the deepest respect for her as she is a very sweet woman and not to mention had a very sucessful career in the military.  But, does that mean she should be driving?  I think not.  I also began to think about her family and wondered how they feel about her driving.  Maybe if she had a GPS tracking device in her car that reports where she is going and how fast she got there. Would help alleviate some worries for her family?  On second thought, shouldn't we all have those devices in our cars?  Something to ponder...

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Concerned adults

Where are my people?

by Courtney
25. August 2010 22:32

As a person I have always been concerned that my family and friends are safe and sound.  I was the one in high school and college who always slept with my cell phone right next to me. Just in case someone was in trouble.  Well, now that I have a family of my own, that concern is more real than ever.  Even though my kids are very young and always insight, I still can't help but worry about the future.  What happens when my girls grow up and start driving and dating? (Can’t even think about it!)  I wish I could implant some kind of tracking device on them. 

That is when I heard about a device called DashTrac.  This thing is great!  All you do is plug it into the car under the steering wheel and it will track their car.  I will be able to see how fast they are going as well as where they are traveling and even where they have been. So cool!  I was a good kid growing up, but I definitely was NO angel.  Throughout high school, I am quite sure there were several places that my parents would have preferred I wasn't at.  My husband and I have no intention of becoming parents who hover. However, I will say that devices like DashTrac already give me peace of mind that at least we can monitor safe driving when the time comes.


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