Lucky Neighbors!

by jscott
20. June 2011 19:46

A friend of mine owns a pool maintenance company with a few technicians.  As the owner, my friend is constantly putting out fires throughout the day. Sometimes customers call about the strangest things. 

One particular lady called two weeks in a row, complaining that her pool still looked dirty.  When questioned, the technician who serviced the pool showed his paperwork that clearly outlined detailed chemical levels and even a check list of services performed.  What was this lady talking about?  

Luckily my friend was smart enough to place a GPS vehicle tracking device called DashTrac into his service vehicles.  Turns out the woman’s neighbors were enjoying a free weekly pool cleaning!  The guy was cleaning the wrong pool.  

I couldn’t help but laugh, since I just imagined the neighbors sitting there watching this kid clean their pool each week - and wondering: "What's up with that?"

DashTrac helped solve the mystery.

Four Essential Reasons to Track Your Fleet

by jscott
9. June 2011 22:32

Whether your fleet consists of a handful or hundreds of vehicles, a GPS tracking solution is essential in today’s market. Be advised: Your competitors are already tracking their assets in some way, giving them a distinct advantage. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons to start tracking…

1. Truth is, a monitored employee is a more efficient employee. GPS tracking devices enable business owners to maintain a bird’s eye view of their assets so that they can hold employees accountable while off-site.

2. Safety First! Monitoring driving habits is a large reason employers track their drivers. It’s never a good thing to have a company vehicle recklessly speeding down the highway. DashTrac monitors excessive speed, hard stops and jackrabbit starts. All cause unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles.

3. Maintenance is essential. DashTrac is equipped with an easy-to-use tool for calculating and managing common vehicle maintenance requirements such as oil and tire changes - with reminders. A great tool for fleet owners.

4. Stop Thief! Insurance companies are fans of tracking devices, especially when it comes to a stolen vehicle. Having something stolen is a horrible feeling, but the burden can be less if it can be tracked and in some cases recovered using GPS technology.

5…6…7 the list goes on and on. The day has come when some sort of GPS tracking solution is a must. When looking for the right device, make sure you choose one that is both user-friendly and robust enough to keep up with your fleet and your growing business.

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New! Landmarks and Geofencing

by Dustin
14. October 2010 23:44


Landmarks and Geofences are a thing of beauty. It’s simple. A landmark is a specific geographic spot you choose on the map.  DashTrac lets you draw a circle around that point. So, say you want to “Landmark” your son’s girlfriend’s house. You will receive an alert when his vehicle enters that circle. A Geofence?  It’s the actual circle. There are multiple ways to use these features.

KEEP IN: Set up the landmark/geofence combination to alert you during specific hours if the vehicle leaves the determined perimeter. Geofence your child’s school, spouses’ place of employment, your company during work hours, etc.  Think your employees are sneaking off during business hours?  Now you have proof.

KEEP OUT: Set the Geofence so that it will send an alert if Johnny visits Mary’s house on a school night. If you are suspicious of someone’s behavior and want to be alerted if they come within a certain perimeter of a specific address – DashTrac will let you know.


Here’s the best. If your child has a curfew – you can receive an alert if their car comes home late! We know this works because our corporate president’s son made a boo-boo last week. He was “watching over” his twin sisters while the parents were out. Seems he came home two hours late. BUSTED. This child knows the device is in his car! Go figure.

Unique to DashTrac, Landmarks and Geofences – with alerts - are useful in any scenario. All of the information is validated with GPS accuracy using a small GPS tracking device that fits easily into your vehicle's OBD port. Find out more by visiting our homepage.

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