The eye in the sky.

by jscott
7. September 2011 01:32

What is DashTrac? 

Think of it as an “eye in the sky.”   DashTrac is a discreet GPS tracking device that’s very easy to install.

It is supported by a user-friendly web interface, allowing you to track and monitor vehicles in real-time.  Once you’re logged in, you can view:
• History - Shows a breadcrumb trail of your vehicle’s history.
• Reports - Trip Data (Mileage, business or personal), Maintenance History/Reports, Alerts History (Speed, Geofence and Landmark Violations).
• Maintenance Schedule - DashTrac is an easy-to-use tool for managing common vehicle maintenance requirements (oil and tire changes) and will remind you to attend to these important responsibilities.
• Dashboard Gages include: Mileage, Speed, Date/Time, Odometer and Direction of Travel
• Management includes: Account Profile, with the ability to manage Landmarks and Geofence Alerts.  (Think of this as an invisible fence you can set up around a specific area.)

How do you use DashTrac?  It couldn’t be easier.  Just plug and play.

It plugs quickly into a vehicle's OBDII port, located under the driver’s side dashboard. Once activated, you’re tracking within minutes.  No professional installation charges.  Just four easy steps:
1. Obtain the DashTrac Device
Obtain the device, and then follow the following steps.

2. Find your OBDII Port
Plug the device in the OBDII port located under the steering column.

3. Start your Engine
Once the device is plugged in, start the vehicle and wait a couple minutes.

4. Go Online
Login to the application from our homepage.

Who needs DashTrac?

Everyone!  Well, everyone who has the need to track a vehicle.Businesses with a fleet of vehicles on the road, parents of teenaged drivers,curious spouses,children of elderly parents and anyone else who has the need to know where a vehicle is at any given time. Yep, pretty much everyone.

How much will it cost?

For as little as 60¢ a day, DashTrac is an affordable investment for anyone that needs to know where their vehicles or loved ones are at all times.   DashTrac offers a pay-as-you-go plan where you will prepay for every month you wish to have the service, or you can enter into a contract that offers deep discounts. The longer the contract - the larger the discount.

For more information check us out at! Do you need other GPS tracking options for business? Visit


Move over Big Brother…here comes Big Mama and Big Papa

by jscott
14. July 2011 00:42


At some point it is inevitable that parents will struggle with the dilemma of how much free reign to give their teenagers. Today’s challenges are unlike any before. With the internet, texting and various forms of social media, the odds of teens landing in compromising situations are pretty good. It isn’t possible to hold their hand and guide them in every situation. Many parents feel they need some extra help keeping tabs on their kids, so they’re turning to technical gadgets to help them read text messages, monitor internet activity and even track driving behaviors.

Scenario: Sally tells Mom and Dad she is going to Jane’s house to study. But she’s really driving 10+ miles past Jane’s house to her boyfriend’s house (whose parents happen to be out of town). Sounds very familiar to many of us, right? Heck – WE DID IT!! 

In the past, there was really nothing parents could do but hope for the truth. Today, many parents who choose to monitor their teen’s driving behavior, choose DashTrac. 

DashTrac is a discreet GPS tracking device for vehicles. It easily plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II port (located under steering wheel) and monitors true speed, hard stops, GPS location (with bread crumb trails) and has geofence capabilities (think of drawing an invisible fence around an area you want your teen to stay out of) which trigger alerts. It even has a maintenance alert feature to manage common periodic vehicle maintenance requirements. 

Basically, DashTrac offers parents peace of mind when their teenage drivers hit the road.



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Lucky Neighbors!

by jscott
20. June 2011 19:46

A friend of mine owns a pool maintenance company with a few technicians.  As the owner, my friend is constantly putting out fires throughout the day. Sometimes customers call about the strangest things. 

One particular lady called two weeks in a row, complaining that her pool still looked dirty.  When questioned, the technician who serviced the pool showed his paperwork that clearly outlined detailed chemical levels and even a check list of services performed.  What was this lady talking about?  

Luckily my friend was smart enough to place a GPS vehicle tracking device called DashTrac into his service vehicles.  Turns out the woman’s neighbors were enjoying a free weekly pool cleaning!  The guy was cleaning the wrong pool.  

I couldn’t help but laugh, since I just imagined the neighbors sitting there watching this kid clean their pool each week - and wondering: "What's up with that?"

DashTrac helped solve the mystery.

Four Essential Reasons to Track Your Fleet

by jscott
9. June 2011 22:32

Whether your fleet consists of a handful or hundreds of vehicles, a GPS tracking solution is essential in today’s market. Be advised: Your competitors are already tracking their assets in some way, giving them a distinct advantage. Still not convinced? Here are some reasons to start tracking…

1. Truth is, a monitored employee is a more efficient employee. GPS tracking devices enable business owners to maintain a bird’s eye view of their assets so that they can hold employees accountable while off-site.

2. Safety First! Monitoring driving habits is a large reason employers track their drivers. It’s never a good thing to have a company vehicle recklessly speeding down the highway. DashTrac monitors excessive speed, hard stops and jackrabbit starts. All cause unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles.

3. Maintenance is essential. DashTrac is equipped with an easy-to-use tool for calculating and managing common vehicle maintenance requirements such as oil and tire changes - with reminders. A great tool for fleet owners.

4. Stop Thief! Insurance companies are fans of tracking devices, especially when it comes to a stolen vehicle. Having something stolen is a horrible feeling, but the burden can be less if it can be tracked and in some cases recovered using GPS technology.

5…6…7 the list goes on and on. The day has come when some sort of GPS tracking solution is a must. When looking for the right device, make sure you choose one that is both user-friendly and robust enough to keep up with your fleet and your growing business.

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Technology is not Terrifying!

by jscott
6. June 2011 19:18

Let’s face it…technology is the future of any business. 

Gone are the days where people can run a successful business without utilizing some level of technology.  To some, the “T” word is a terrifying word.  But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be.  Yes, it’s true that some technology is user friendly.

If you own a business with a fleet of service vehicles, the success of your business depends on the efficiency of that fleet.  You are intimidated by technology, but you can’t avoid it any more.  The time has come to track your fleet with a GPS tracking device.  You need a device that is precise and powerful yet user-friendly.  DashTrac can track your fleet with ease. Yes…EASE!

Within 5 minutes, your DashTrac can be installed and tracking. Reporting intervals provide speed, time, event status, direction and much more.  It plugs quickly into a vehicle's OBDII port (under the driver’s side dashboard). Once activated, you’re tracking within minutes. No professional installation charges. No hassles.  To access your fleet’s information, just log onto any home computer.  It really is that simple!

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Summertime stress for Mom and Dad

by jscott
25. May 2011 00:59

Summer vacation is almost here and teenagers can hardly wait!  For most kids the pressure of school will be lifted (for the time being) so they’re ready to dive into freedom.  Stress-free living for teens perhaps, but not for mom and dad. 
When school is in session parents can relax (at least for a bit), but when summer vacation starts, a whole new kind of stress sets in.  Most parents do not have the same luxury of a 2-3 month vacation, so how can they keep tabs on their teenagers during those (cringe) unsupervised summer days? 
The truth is that we cannot monitor our child’s every move, but with the help of today’s technology we can at least monitor their driving habits.  GPS tracking devices are providing much needed peace of mind for parents when it comes to keeping tabs on their teenage drivers. 
Dashtrac is a discreet GPS tracking device that is very easy to install. Supported by a user-friendly web interface, it allows you to track your vehicles in real time. It plugs quickly into a vehicle's OBDII port (under the driver’s side dashboard). Once activated, you’re tracking within minutes. No professional installation charges. No hassles.
DashTrac monitors true speed, location, history of travel - and also has geofence capabilities.  Geofencing is the ability to create an invisible ‘fence” around a landmark. If there is a specific zone that you want a vehicle to stay in for certain times every day (stay in school) or zones you want it to stay out of (stay away from a certain friend’s house) – this feature makes it possible. Violations can be set up to trigger an alert to be sent to you when the “zone” is breached.
Think of DashTrac as a bit of peace of mind that just so happens to come in a box.  Let’s face it, as parents we need all the help we can get!

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Know Someone Who is Navigationally Handicapped?

by jscott
6. April 2011 00:31

My co-worker's wife just called him at work because she got lost and couldn't figure out how to get home from downtown Tampa. Let me repeat myself: HE WAS AT WORK.
Our company's CEO had a similar situation with his daughter. Their neighborhood was under construction and her usual route to school was blocked. She had to detour around the obstacle, and their neighborhood is a maze.  She didn’t want to be late for school, but couldn’t get her bearings.
My child called with a flat tire on the highway, and had no idea where he was.  He knew the highway, but wasn’t sure what mile marker he was near.
All three were helped using DashTrac.
In less than two minutes – any DashTrac user can log into their account, quickly determine a vehicle’s exact location, the speed it is traveling and the direction they're moving in. It’s so easy just to talk them through their dilemma in a safe, calm and dependable way.
How cool is that?

Lead Foot Drivers Kill Gas Mileage

by jscott
22. March 2011 20:02

Anyone with service vehicles in the field every day probably has that nagging feeling in their gut as soon as tires hit pavement.  It’s a lot like that feeling you get when your teenager gets behind the wheel.  Yes, you may trust your drivers and hopefully have good insurance (just in case). 
But how do you really know your drivers are safe? 
DashTrac can help!  DashTrac is a small discreet tracking device that simply plugs into the vehicle's OBDII port. (Under the driver’s side dashboard). Once activated, you’re tracking within minutes.  Start with simply tracking your vehicle and expand to maintenance alerts, speed and geofence alerts and much more. 
Aside from simply knowing where vehicles are at any given time, DashTrac aids in monitoring safe driving habits.  Excessive speed causes undue wear & tear, puts all drivers at risk, and literally kills your gas mileage.  Who can afford that at today’s prices?
Fact is; a monitored driver is a safer driver. Lower your exposure to speeding violations and use documented driving behavior as a coaching tool. DashTrac shows:
• True Speeds
• Hard Stops
• Jackrabbit Starts
• Heartbeat (When ignition is off, DashTrac will report daily with a heartbeat from the device to inform users of its operational status and location.)
  And that’s not all!  DashTrac also provides customized reports, alerts, maintenance updates, history reports (breadcrumb trail).   DashTrac. A small, yet powerful tool yet powerful that both identifies drivers who may have a lead foot but does so much more! 

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How GPS Tracking Saves Your Business Money

by Jill
22. December 2010 18:54

Most of us use GPS Navigation devices to get directions to a destination.  The latest use of GPS Tracking encompasses a similar technology, used to track the current or past whereabouts of others.  It’s more common than we realize.  Tracking devices are commonly used for businesses applications ranging from routing the closest vehicle to an address to ensuring employee safety.  

Recent studies indicate that businesses report a reduction in fuel usage as the biggest advantage of GPS tracking. Monitoring and reducing speeds, routes, and idle time are just a few things that fleet owners can do to lower the fuel bill.

Fact is, each mile per hour above 50 MPH increases fuel consumption by 1 ½ percent. Higher speeds also cause more tire heat, which puts more wear on tires. Wear on tires will just about double at road speeds of 70 MPH or greater.

DashTrac can report all vehicle activity and immediately alert fleet managers by cell phone or email of speeding and unauthorized use of company vehicles. Business owners are most concerned with fuel & maintenance, employee overtime, and employee productivity. 

GPS vehicle tracking solutions significantly reduce costs for businesses:      

1. Fuel & Maintenance - The average operating cost per vehicle is about $1.50 per mile. A company can reduce at least 25 miles per week for each vehicle with a GPS tracking device.      

2. Employee Overtime - The employee overtime rate is estimated at about $30 per hour. On average, a company can reduce at least 1 hour of overtime per week with a GPS fleet tracking system     

3. Employee Productivity - On average, each vehicle could complete at least 1 extra stop, job, or delivery per week with a live GPS tracking unit.

What is the ROI?  For an average size fleet of 10 vehicles, the estimated monthly savings is generally over $6000 with a GPS tracking solution.  The cost of a GPS Tracking Device has significantly dropped over the past 10 years.  A DashTrac device can be purchased for around $200 and can be easily self-installed by plugging directly into a vehicle's OBDII port. It's typical for a company to see their return on investment within about 30-45 days.   

How much does it cost your company to deploy a vehicle?

by Jill
1. November 2010 20:49

With the price of fuel as unpredictable as Aunt Martha’s mood swings, and economic concerns still in the news, technology is quickly becoming embraced by every industry, especially when it means that things done quicker, easier and cheaper.  Businesses that rely heavily on off-site employees have realized that GPS technology is a powerful tool when it comes to overall business management.

While GPS has been around for a long time, it has just recently become an enterprise necessity. Quickly adopted by large fleets, GPS technology is now used across the board to manage any-sized business with multiple vehicles on the road – whether it’s four trucks or four hundred vans. 

Imagine how much easier life is when you can oversee multiple employees on multiple jobs just by checking your computer screen?  When vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking devices, dispatch becomes as easy as point and click.  The additional benefits are astounding. Monitored drivers are safer drivers, and the astronomical costs associated with waste decrease considerably when checks and balances are instituted.

By deploying GPS tracking on service vehicles, companies are able to turn them into rolling “profit centers.”  In addition to decreasing expenses incurred in fuel and labor, field service businesses also benefit from a reduction in wear and tear, which leads to further bottom line improvement. Additionally, dispatchers can immediately identify and alert the closest vehicle to respond to an emergency service request. This, in turn, has led to faster response times and an increase in customer satisfaction.

The return on investment is almost immediate; and when you consider that a reliable GPS tracking system costs just pennies a day, it’s a no-brainer.

For more information visit

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